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What is this “Are You in My Class” website?

In August 2009, Gail Frank made an Excel spreadsheet and kept updating it and sending it out to other moms with first graders as envelopes were opened and class assignments were shared by email and phone.  She thought, “Too much work–next year I am doing a website with a spreadsheet so people can enter their OWN data…and then ALL the grades K-5 could all be on it.” So she made it, and here it is. It helps the kids to have an idea who will be in their class, and to arrange a meetup before the very youngest ones . Gail’s two children have moved on to Davidsen Middle School, but she made this little site and passed on the passwords to new Westchase Elementary parents to run.

We are the Completely Unofficial Official Listing site: not endorsed/run by the school or the PTA.

Endorsed and  loved by hundreds of happy kids and relieved Westchase parents.

How do I participate?

Go to our homepage and enter info once you get your child’s new classroom assignment. Send this link to anyone who might be interested in finding out the names of classmates before the “Meet and Greet”:

This site: https://areyouinmyclass.wordpress.com/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/AreYouinMyClass/

Old site: https://sites.google.com/site/AreYouInMyClass/

When do the letters arrive?

We don’t actually ever know, but we can guess based on the history: 10-11 days before the start of school:

  • 2017: Tuesday, Aug 1 when school started on Thursday, Aug 10
  • 2016: Wednesday, Aug 3 when school started Wednesday, Aug 10
  • 2015: Saturday, Aug 15 when school started Tuesday, Aug 25
  • 2014: Friday, Aug 8 when school started on Tuesday, Aug 19
  • 2013: Friday, Aug 9 when school started on Tuesday, Aug 20
  • 2012: Friday, Aug 10 when school started Tuesday, Aug 21
  • 2011: Sat, Aug 13, when school started Tuesday, Aug 23
  • 2010: Friday, Aug 13, when school started Tuesday, Aug 24