“Are You In My Class?” Entry Form

IMG_5102Welcome to the 2018/2019 school year version of “AreYou In My Class?” for Westchase Elementary families.

Are you in my class?” A common question around Westchase in August.  Emails are flying…cell phones ringing, Facebook explodes, as the official “Teacher Assignments” come in the mail. Solution: just enter your child’s information, and you will get access to the Results page to see new classmates. If you include your email, you can arrange a playdate before school starts!

Sure relieves that “Will I know anyone?” stress for your child. To add  info to the list, fill out the “Add Your Child’s Info” link. When you send it, it will be automatically added to the Results page. Just give it a minute and keep refreshing.

The mailed letters with the name of your child’s Westchase Elementary teacher expected to arrive soon!

Historical arrival dates of “the letters”:

  • 2017: Tuesday, Aug 1 when school started on Thursday, Aug 10
  • 2016: Wednesday, Aug 3 when school started Wednesday, Aug 10
  • 2015: Saturday, Aug 15 when school started Tuesday, Aug 25
  • 2014: Friday, Aug 8 when school started on Tuesday, Aug 19
  • 2013: Friday, Aug 9 when school started on Tuesday, Aug 20
  • 2012: Friday, Aug 10 when school started Tuesday, Aug 21
  • 2011: Sat, Aug 13, when school started Tuesday, Aug 23
  • 2010: Friday, Aug 13, when school started Tuesday, Aug 24

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—> RESULTS? See updated results on the Results page

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